Do more with Metasys®

The goal at Johnson Controls has always been to provide the perfect solution to the age-old question: “So what can you do for me?” 

With the latest enhancements, a Johnson Controls Metasys® building management system gives you more control and easier access to information than any other system of its kind. 

The leader in open systems, Johnson Controls provides XML-based technology that can effortlessly link your building systems with your IT systems locally and remotely. 

Flexible. Scalable. Entirely mobile. 

And Johnson Controls offers more ways to go wireless. From web-based user interfaces to wireless sensors and field equipment controllers, it allows you to cost-effectively expand your system into all kinds of spaces you couldn't before. 

includes complete families of application specific control solutions for HVAC, fire, lighting and security systems within your building.
Metasys Network Architecture

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Open Systems Standards

The Metasys® building management system was designed from the ground up with open standards of communications in mind. Whether your needs demand BACnet, BACnet MSTP, LonWorks, Modbus, N2, XML, Web Services or OPC, Johnson Controls can provide you with a complete integrated solution.

IP Convergence

Johnson Controls unique technology enables convergence of the Metasys® building management system with generic IT infrastructures, eliminating the need for a proprietary communications bus between the supervisory controllers and field controllers. You can take advantage of your existing wired building network, to extend innovative information management and building control capabilities across your entire network infrastructure, without increased installation costs.